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Feeling a little intimidated by the computer?

Hasting Computer Consulting has been providing service to the Rogue Valley since 1990. Although I've been on the Internet since late 1994, since 1997 I've also been involved in providing Internet connectivity to users in the Grants Pass area of Southern Oregon with Terragon Media, now UNICOM. I specialize in troubleshooting and repair of computers, whether its a hard drive, modem, video problem, or something else, I've probably encountered it along the way.

As you'll find with almost anyone on the Internet, I create web pages too. My domains at webtrail.com (genealogy and local business pages), roguevalley.com (Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon links), and pchell.com (computer tips and help) can demonstrate the many things I can do to help your web page produce results. In the past, I've been involved in helping other local domains including rogueweb.com and new-web.com.   

If you look at my portfolio, you won't find pages filled with dancing icons, java-brewed slow to load hogs, or fancy graphic-laden pages where images or better yet the pages themselves don't load. What you WILL find is pages that load fast, convey the message, and have good information on them to bring the visitor back. I also have become very proficient in monetizing a web page to generate income from ads and affiliate programs.

If you have any questions regarding how I can help you with an Internet or computer problem, please call or email me.

Thanks for visiting!

Mark Hasting
Hasting Computer Consulting

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