Listed in Alphabetical Order

Aiken Family Plot (1905)
Red Blanket Rd
Prospect, OR
32S 3E

Allen Gulch Cemetery
Waldo, OR

Antelope Cemetery (1854)
Riley Road & Alta Vista Rd
Contact Medford School Dist 6
36S 1W 14

Antioch Cemetery (1867)
Antioch Rd near Hwy 234
Medford, OR
(541) 826-4623

Ashland City Cemetery (1870)
East Main
Ashland, OR
39S 1E 9

Barneburg Hill Burials
Moved from the building of
Rogue Valley Manor to
Siskiyou Memorial Park
37S 1W 32,33

Bradley Cemetery (1875)
Four graves of the Pioneer
Bradley Family. In Lake Creek Area

Brownsboro (1854)
Sexton: Wayne Wakefield
Crater Lake Avenue
Medford, OR 97501
36S 1E 4

Butte Falls Cemetery (1868)
Butte Falls City Recorder
Butte Falls, OR
(541) 865-3262
35S 2E 5

Carberry (1896)
aka Copper & Steamboat
40S 4W 20
Managed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Climax Graves Cemetery (1890)
37S 1E 36

Collings Graves
Between Ruch & Applegate Lake
40S 4W 36

Couple of Stones
Wire fence around 2 grave stones. On U.S. Land by mining
claims. Past Foots Crk Cemetery, turn right on road up
right fork of Foots Crk. 3.4 miles, turn right on to lane
up Baily Gulch. About .3 mile.
37S 4W 22

Croxton Cemetery (1856)
1001 Memorial Drive
Grants Pass, OR
(This is now a city park)
36S 5W 8
(541) 476-8801

Dead Man's Point
Some graves, but not located
(Somewhere in Jackson County)

Dean Hill
Some graves, but not located
(Somewhere in Jackson County)

Deer Creek Valley Cemetery (1852)
2371 Reeves Creek Rd
Selma, OR 97538
38S 7W 18
(541) 597-4782

Dodge Bridge
N of Eagle Point
1-2 graves
35S 1W

Dog Creek (1850's)
Leland, OR

Dunkard (aka Church of the Brethern) (1888)
Hwy 99
Talent, OR
38S 1W 23

Eagle Point National Cemetery
2763 Riley Rd
Eagle Point, OR 97524
(541) 826-2511
Former Names: White City Cemetery (1952-1973); White City
National Cemetery (1973-1985)

Early Burials
Early burials by the Pacific Power & Light Canal
These were marked by PPL in 1973. Six burials in late 1890's

Eastwood Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery (1908)
411 W. 8th St.
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 770-4586

Ferrydale Cemetery
End of Ferry Road near Rogue River
opposite Griffin Park (Baumgartner place)
State of Oregon Scenic Rivers jurisdiction

Frink Cemetery
Not located, but in Jackson County

Foots Cemetery
Behind Foots Chapel
Foots Crk Rd
Medford, OR
36S 4W 35
(see also "Couple of Stones")

Forest Creek Cemetery
May be the same as Log Town Cemetery
38S 3W

Gotcher Cemetery (1890)
Water Gap Road
4.3 miles South of Hwy 238
Grants Pass, OR
38S 5W 22

Granite Hill Cemetery (1881)
2551 Upper River Road
Grants Pass, OR
36S 6W 14/13

Grave Creek Cemetery (1850's)
On former Frank Price farm

Green Springs Cemetery
See Pinehurst

Griffin Creek (1859)
Griffin Crk Rd
Medford, OR
38S 2W 9

Hagardine Cemetery (1850)
Sheridan St
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 482-3826
39S 1E 5

Hays & Gall (1856)
Hodson Road
Gold Hill, OR
36S 3W 20

Hartley Cemetery (1885)
Williams Hwy
Williams, OR
1.6 miles SW of Williams Store
39S 5W 4

Hawthorne Memorial Gardens (1954)
2500 Upper River Road
Grants Pass, OR
(541) 476-5203
36S 6W 13

Hill Cemetery
993 Garfield
Medford, OR 97501

Hill Dunn (1853)
From Ashland, take Hwy 66 past Emigrant Lake entrance.
Take next road on left toward the lake. Kingsbury
portion of the cemetery was moved up the hill when the
lake was enlarged. 17 Indian War Heroes were buried in
this cemetery. Sexton: Jim Burr - Mt. View Cemetery
39S 2E 29&30

Hillcrest Memorial Park (1933)
2201 N. Phoenix Rd
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 773-6162
38S 1W 3

Hillcrest Memorial Park
NE 9th & Hillcrest Drive
Grants Pass, OR
(541) 476-2310
36S 5W

Ida Mines Cemetery
Granite Hill, OR
Up Winona Rd - N of Grants Pass
(see Granite Hill Cemetery)

Indian Rancheria Trail Massacre (1856)
Rancheria Rd
Butte Falls, OR
(5 graves of soldiers)
35S 4E 18

P.O. Box 483
Rogue River, OR
(541) 582-1692
No Name adjoins Masonic
191 Jones Crk Rd
Grants Pass, Or
(541) 476-7494

IOOF - Central Point Cemetery (1868)
Hamrick Rd
Central Point, OR
(541) 664-2684
37S 2W 1

Jacksonville Cemetery (1859) or (1825)
P.O. Box 7
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(541) 899-7882

Johnson Cemetery (1908)
aka Caroline Johnson
Family Cemetery
Shady Cove, OR
34S 1W 15

Old Kirby Cemetery (1859)
2 miles North of Kerby
House and out building of top of site Kerby, OR

Laurel Cemetery aka Kirby Cemetery (1850)
1090 Laurel Rd
Cave Junction, OR 97523
(541) 592-3331
39S 8W 15

Laurelhurst Cemetery
Jackson County
Moved in 1974 on Lost Creek Dam Property

Leland Cemetery
Near town of Leland
E of Wolf Creek

Logtown Cemetery (1852)
4931 Hwy 238
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(541) 899-1422
38S 3W 14

Matthews Family Cemetery (1870's)
Hwy 62, past Eagle Point, OR
Meadows Graves
8.3 miles N of Hwy 234, just short of Jct. with Evans Crk Rd
34S 2W 21

Memory Gardens Memorial (1954)
1395 Arnold Lane
Medford, OR 97501
(541) 773-7338

Miller Family Cemetery
Cemetery is only .1 acre
3 6S 1E 5

Missouri Flats Cemetery (1864) Grants Pass, OR
Tim & Judy Hoffman, caretakers
(541) 846-6486
38S 4W 6

Morse Family Cemetery (1921)
Staple Road
Talent, OR
38S 1E 30 or 19

Mountain View Cemetery (1800)
440 Normal Ave
Ashland, OR 97520
( 541) 482-3826

Myers Cemetery (1853)
aka Butler Thompson
Ashland County Lane to County Rd
Ashland, OR
38S 1E 29

Nichols Cemetery (1868)
Brophy Rd
John M. Nichols DLC
35S 1W 36 or 25

Nye Family Cemetery
Ulrich Rd, off Hwy 62
33S 2E 10

Pankey Cemetery (1863)
Ramsey Rd
Sams Valley, OR
(541) 855-1024
35S 2W 30

Phoenix Cemetery (1857)
Church St
Phoenix, OR
38S 1W 9

Placer Cemetery (1850's)
South of Grave Creek Bridge on Placer Road

Pleasant Valley Cemetery (Late 1800's)
School Creek Road
(North of Grants Pass)
6070 Hugo Road
Merlin, OR
(541) 479-1083

Red Rock Canyon Graves
13 graves of soldiers, no date. Cascade Gorge is at the
mouth of Red Rock Canyon on your right, 8 miles hike up
Canyon to graves
33S 2E

Reese Creek Cemetery
aka Gold Hill Ioof Cemetery
R.D. Dames
2 Goldy Bldg
Medford, Or
(541) 779-4555

St. Luke's Parish Cemetery (1989)
224 NW "D" St
Grants Pass OR 97526
(541) 476-2493

Scenic Hills Memorial Park
1811 Ashland St
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 482-4444

(Old townsite of Cannon or Canyon City)
near Tennesse Mtn Lookout
East of Kirby

Selma Cemetery
38S 8W 11
Selma, OR

Siskiyou Memorial Park (1925)
2100 Siskiyou Blvd
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 772-4013

Slate Creek (baby West-2)
Slate Creek Ranch
Grants Pass, OR
37S 7W

Sloan Cemetery (1853)
Jess Lane
2.1 Miles N of Hwy 199
36W 6W 30

Sparlin Cemetery (1861) Water Gap Road
4.3 Miles S of Hwy 238
38S 5W 22

Spence Family Cemetery
Near Bridgeview
Cave Junction, OR

Steamboat Springs Cemetery

Stearns Cemetery (1857)
Anderson Rd
Talent, OR
The section in front of cemetery belongs to Ashland IOOF
38S 1W 34&35

Sterlingville Cemetery (1856)
Sterlingville Cemetery Assn
Stearling Rd
Jacksonville, OR 97530
38S 2W 33

Scenic Hills Cemetery (1964)
East Hills
Ashland, OR
39S 1E 11

Tokay Heights IOOF, Masonic (1891)
NE "F" Street & Foothill Blvd
Grants Pass, OR
(541) 476-7494
36S 5W 16

Tolo Cemetery
Tolo was a railway town platted with 49 blocks.
Maybe 1 block was a cemetery.
Tolo was also a Chasta Indian, and very involved during the Indian Wars.
36S 2W 19or20

National Veterans Adm (1952)
Riley Road
Eagle Point, OR
Veterans Administration
White City, OR
(541) 826-2111
36S 1W 2

Waldo (1850's)
On BLM land
Call BLM in Medford, OR
40S 8W

Wells Family Cemetery
At the fourth green in Oak Knoll Golf Course
Ashland, OR
(four graves)
39S 1E 13

Wilderville Cemetery (1903)
1.1 SE of Hwy 199 via
Wilderville Frontage Rd & Fish Hatchery Rd
37S 6W 6

Williams Creek Cemetery (1961)
Williams, OR 97544
On top of hill above old town of Williams
(541) 846-7446
38S 5W

Williamsburg Cem
37S 7W

Wolf Creek Cemetery (1856)
500 Bridge
Wolf Creek, OR 97497
(541) 866-2650
33S 6W 15

Lower Wolf Creek (1850's)

Wonder Cemetery
(At bottom of hill below Williamsburg Cemetery)
37S 7W

Woodville Cemetery
aka Rogue River Cemetery
Ward Road
Rogue River, OR
36S 4W 15

Wright Family Cemetery
Agate Flats in SE Jackson County
41S 4E 5

No Name (1874)
D. Bud Combe Farm
6211 New Hope Road
Grants Pass, OR


Burnett (1854)
Burt (1857)
Coles Valley (1854)
Cox (1856)
Fair Oaks (1857)
Jones (1853)
Kellog (1857)
Lavadour (1857)
McGuire (1856)
Melrose (1854)
Oak Creek (1857)
Patterson (1854)
Reed-Hill (1855)
Scottsberg (1858)
Wilbur (1855)
Willis Creek (1857)
Wimberly (1852)
Winchester (1859)
Metz Hill (1850)


Klamath Falls Cemetery Department
2680 Memorial Dr
Klamath Falls, OR
(541) 883-5382

Fort Klamath Cemetery (1876)
Fort Klamath, OR 97626
(541) 381-2309
Historical note: cemetery originated as a military fort from
1860 to 1890. Since then, the soldiers who were buried here
were reinterred at San Francisco National Cemetery. A
plaque in this cemetery lists the names of these soldiers.

Military Post - Ft. Klamath
Modoc Warriors buried there

Bonanza Memorial (1882) aka Lost River Cemetery
Bly (1905)
Mt. Calvary
Chief Schonchin
David Hill
Hill aka David Hill
Klamath Memorial Park
Mt. Laki
Malin aka Turkey Hill
Merrill IOOF
Rock Creek
Eternal Hills Memorial Garden
Way Cemetery

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