Freeze Dried Roses

Our specialty here at the Flying B Bar is freeze dried roses.  We carry over 100 different varieties, in all colors, shapes and sizes.  Of these, you will find the internet's largest variety of available colors in not only South American (Ecuadorian) roses, but also California grown hothouse roses, and our specialty, garden roses.    On average, we have about 30,000 freeze dried roses in inventory allowing us unparalleled ability to meet large scale demand with fast turn-around.

With over 3000 rose bushes, growing our own allows us the ability to wait until each rose reaches it's ultimate size and beauty right on the plant before we pick it and rush it directly into our freeze drying process. Our process includes taking special steps to ensure that a rose's color as it would be on the bush is retained in the final freeze dried product. Our special post-drying polymer process ensures that all roses we deliver will look natural, yet have improved workability and extended longevity. Given these steps, we feel that we are providing roses to the floral and crafts industries that will last far beyond that of other freeze dried rose providers.

Our roses are packaged by either the dozen or half-dozen, depending on size.  We carry four different sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large.   While some roses don't get very large, such as many of the California Hothouse roses,  some others, like the Ecuadorian varietals are so large even in the bud state that they will never fit our small size of 1-2 inches in diameter.  Also, we are the only freeze dried rose provider that has extra-large, in excess of 4" in diameter, roses available.

Our roses are available on both a wholesale and retail basis.  Our online pricing is purely retail.  If you are interested in our wholesale and volume discount pricing please contact us with your business name, address, phone number and business tax-id, and we will forward you our wholesale pricing information.  Additionally we are happy to take special orders for freeze dried roses of varieties that we don't normally carry.  Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

The roses in this category are those that have very strong multiple color characteristics that don't fit well into one of the other more single colored rose categories.

Freeze dried roses always tend deeper in red hues than their fresh counterparts.  Many roses considered "orange" when fresh will tend to be red once dried.  Check here for those that still fit this category

Our largest category, there are over a dozen different pink roses in our collection from light to dark, including a fabulous  Old English variety that you won't find anywhere else on the net.

Ah, those romantic reds, bearers of messages of love and romance throughout the world.  From bright to almost black, these roses provide a great selection and

Bright and cheerful, there are over 25  to choose from.  From the palest yellow, through golden  and deep peach tones.

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