Yellow/Peach Roses (Page 3 of 3)

Our largest category, yellow and peach roses.  We are proud to offer over twenty-five different varieties in this category.  We have yellows from soft light all the way through bright gold.  In peaches, there are soft apricot colors through bold bright phlox pink with canary yellow. 

Saint Patrick
Color: Faintly green light yellow
Sizes shown: Large, medium, small
Type:  Garden, Hybrid Tea

Sheila's Perfume
Color: Yellow with deep pink blush
Sizes shown: Large, medium, small
Type: Garden, Floribunda
Notes:  Both colors fade as rose gets more open

Color: Bright Apricot
Sizes shown: Large, medium, small
Type:  Ecuadorian
Notes:  Tall heads make this flower tend to the large side

Sun Flare
Color: Medium Yellow
Sizes shown: Large, medium
Type: Garden, Floribunda

Sutter's Gold
Color: Golden yellow
Sizes shown: Small
Type: Garden, Hybrid Tea
Notes:  Low petal count makes this flower best only at small size

Color: Medium light yellow
Sizes shown:  Medium, small
Type: Ecuadorian
Notes:  Tall flowers

Color: Peach
Sizes shown: Large, medium, small
Type: Ecuadorian

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